Spanish Tapas

The idea of ordering small plates to share has become a trend in restaurants worldwide, but it all began in Spain with the traditional Spanish Tapas.

According to folklore the idea of tapas can be contributed to a king of Spain. King Alfonso XIII or King Fernando XVII, no one is really sure which, was taking a voyage through Andalusia when he arrived at a restaurant and was served a glass of wine with a piece of cheese over the top. This was normal, the cheese was being used as something called a ‘tapadera’ which was a cover to protect the wine from bugs or dust. However, the king ate it and like dutiful subjects his entire court followed suit. Following this it is said the king asked for ‘tapas’ with his wine wherever he went.

In Spain today tapas are of great culinary importance. This style of eating out has become part of the country’s culture and national identity with cities competing to be known as the best tapas destinations.

Tapas Around The World

Today having tapas is a popular version of eating out all over the world and has been adopted by many different cuisines. It has become very popular for replacing long formal meals with something more casual.

With a world of possibilities of what tapas can consist of their are opportunities for chefs to be inventive and create a one of a kind meal. At Casa de Playa our chefs pride themselves on sourcing local, top quality ingredients and creating a uniquely Spanish experience right here in Mornington.

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